Enrique Ft. Florida – “There Goes My Baby”

Enrique ft. Flo Rida – “There goes my baby”

I can almost always predict what will be on the radio / billboard charts. EVEN though I hate the radio and its bias-fed media control frenzy that it always tries to instill onto its listeners (I’m a conspirator.) And even though I’m not into what’s on the radio or billboard charts, this song has my attention. Guess why, it’s mad catchy. That’s the only reason.
Don’t judge me…


Thirsty Thursday + Spring Break 2014 Mix DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ALL SONGS!

Thirsty Thursday + Spring Break MIX w/ DOWNLOAD LINKS!

We back on our shit and here to bring you tons of good music. Why do this? Well because it’s important and VITAL so spread information and good music. The music industry needs a revolution, and thats exactly what EDM is. Not only in the music business but also in the EDM rave community. EDM saves and EDM changes. Well, in my opinion at least it does. Anyways, here’s a dope selection of music , with some new Lil Wayne.

Gives hope to his music because he fell off the last few years. I miss the original carter projects and mixtapes. But he is working on the Carter V. He also says that if he doesn’t get $25-$35 mil it’ll be his last solo album. I don’t know…But it does sound like another 50 cent threat.
Anyways enjoy. This mix is available for download at the link below!



Basshunter x Luminox x Ookay @ AMAZURA in Queens, New York Pictures Set


Basshunter, Luminox, and Ookay Rave Pics

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Here are all the pictures I took at amazura the night of the Basshunter, Luminox, and Ookay show. I’m so sorry it took so long to put all them up, along with recuperating after, and a major computer crash that set me back a month business and blog wise; I finally got them all online. You guys can hashtag #TBT them all day long this weekend. Hahahahaha. Anyways, here they are!

As always, remember to tag the pictures on instagram so other people who were at the show can see them too!