THURSDAY THUMPS – MGK x Wiz Khalifa – Mind of a Stoner

DOWNLOAD HERE: Machine Gun Kelly x Wiz Khalifa – “Mind of a Stoner”

I’ve been so busy listening to this jam that I totally had no time for blogging this new jam. American rapper from Cleveland, OHIO signed to Bad Boy and Interscope records hops on track with (in my opinion) Jimi Hendrix reborn Wiz Khalifa. First I ever heard from Wiz was “Say Yeah” years ago, and he still jamming out on my ipod.

picture of wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa doing what he do BEST

Friday Funday MIX 1/07/2014

Happy Friday Everyone! – THANK G*D ITS FRIDAY


Here’s a dope little mix I put together of a bunch of new songs. You can download some of them through soundcloud, by the majority of them you can find online just by typing in “artist, song name, mp3” (eg. ‘dillon francis dj snake get low mp3’).

Green Lantern @ Webster Hall 1/31/2014 Set #1

Sooo last night the Green Lantern show was pretty wild. From all the light shows being given to all the plurification, and just overall a good time, Webster Hall was one of the places to be Friday night in New York City. However, this time there was a lot of fuzz, even I got searched like crazy for having a backpack, but I always have a backpack with me at shows and never really gotten much attention for it. I hope that everybody had a fun ass night, safe, and stayed away from the po-po.

Anyways… Here are the picture’s I took last night. Not all of them are here because I only posted horizontal ones, so peep back tomorrow for more pics. ENJOY!